Mastodon handcrafted toboggans and sleds for wicked winter fun!
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Welcome to Mastodon Handcrafted Wooden Toboggans and Sleds

We love the winter, a beautiful and demanding season.

A fresh skiff of snow on the hills brings families out, dressed warmly, and sipping hot chocolate and coffee. Parents watch, and some climb the slopes themselves, as children race up and down with red cheeks and laughter. This is how we at Mastodon see winter – as the warmest of seasons.

We all have stories of sledding. Look over our work, and reminisce! If you wish, write to us with your story! We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to Mastodon Handcrafted Wooden Toboggans and Sleds

Mastodon Industries manufactures the highest quality wooden sleds on the market. We are a company of friends, working for our families and yours. We aim to build products that will last generations, providing memories and stories for each family.

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